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Keynote Engagements
Those who have the opportunity to join Cici for a keynote engagement, presentation, or workshop will experience her unusual way of weaving storytelling, singing, audience participation, and "on-the-spot" song writing. She creates an open and inviting atmosphere that ignites passion from within, opens hearts to new perspectives, and inspires individuals in unexpected ways, all while having fun at the same time! Cici is available as a keynote speaker for annual conferences, special events, and meetings. Here are two examples:

Entertaining Change through Story and Song
As a story-teller, singer, and humorist Cici draws her audiences in, creates an open atmosphere for dialog, and inspires them to listen and regain an understanding of self and each other. In an entertaining and creative way, Cici helps people understand that change is not so intimidating. The result is a positive shift in the workplace and in personal lives.

"You are the best!" - Francis McNarry, former President, International School Division, Simon and Schuster

Cici works with clients to present to the needs of the organization.If the audience is a group advocating the Arts, her focus is on the power of Arts Education. Having presented at the Metropolitan Opera House, Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, Baltimore's Meyerhoff's Symphony Hall, and for the American Major Symphony Orchestra Volunteers, Cici's is a voice of experience speaking on the importance of the Arts in Education.

"Rejoycing" Life: -- The Joys and Challenges –With Rhythm, Rhyme, and Song
Cici invites you to rejoice in life with rhythm and rhyme. Through a carefully developed sequence of questions, dialogue, and music, she inspires her audience to re-connect with themselves and each other with renewed energy and joy. What sets Cici apart from other keynote speakers and singer-songwriters?

  • Enthusiasm and spirit
  • Ability to connect with an audience
  • Use of music and humor as vehicles for understanding
  • Ability to collaborate
  • Ability to capture universal themes in a world where people often feel alone or disconnected

Musical Play-Shops
Cici's play-shops are powerful. She integrates music, games, movement, and humor into corporate and organizational gatherings to facilitate:

  • Team building
  • Relaxation
  • Stress reduction
  • The opening of minds and hearts for creative exploration and expression
Before you know it Cici will have your company laughing, moving, responding, connecting, and participating in story and song. With original music, familiar songs, theater games, and engaging activities, stress is gone and creativity unleashed! There is something for everyone in Cic's very special, highly entertaining, and engaging play-shops. Cici encourages people to participate in ways they are comfortable so that everyone has fun. No prior musical experience necessary. Companies hire Cici to deliver Musical Play-Shops for the following:
  • Building team spirit
  • Organizational fun, inspiration, and entertainment
  • Supporting organizational change
  • Family entertainment during corporate meetings and holiday events
  • Pure entertainment
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