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    For Families and Community Groups

    Are you looking for a fun way to spend time with family and friends?
    With over 30 years experience in leading sing-alongs and play-shops, Cici brings people together in an up-beat and engaging time for family fun. Combining enthusiasm from her time in Up With People, her skill as a performer and teacher, and talents as singer/songwriter, Cici helps everyone enjoy themselves.Here are two of her offerings for families:

    A Family Play-Shop
    Here's a program that participants will truly enjoy!

    It's time to play, sing, laugh, dance, listen, and connect with family and friends. For the adults, this is an "anti-stress-play-shop" and for the children, it's a chance to play with their parents and families.

    • Kick up your heels with "The Dinosaur Dance."
    • "Shake Your Paw" with the music of the Temptations.
    • Sing along with everyone in Cici's original song about the four basic food groups:
      "Canned, Junk, Frozen and Fast."
    • Identify with the daughter who relates,"Parents Were Put On This Earth Just to Embarrass Us!"
    • You will laugh and enjoy yourself!
    • And perhaps you will find that extra embrace with "Can I Find a Hug Today?"

    Participate in a fun and creative theater game, and wrap up the event with a folk dance or two.There is something for everyone in this very special Family Play-Shop.

    No prior musical experience needed. You will be so glad you came!

    Family: Fables and Foibles
    "When was she in my house?" You may ask yourself when you hear
    some of the stories and songs of Cici Hunt.
    Songs like:

    • "The Essence of Pubescence" or "I Go From Wonderful to Horrible in less than just a minute….”  – the song of the 14 year old daughter.
    • "Just Say No!" a song sung by daughter to mother. It continues,"I don't want to go. If I can blame you, you see, no one will dare laugh at me"
    • "Hands of Time" Have you ever looked at your hands and thought they look familiar?
    • "Can I Find a Hug Today?" A song for everyone. "Family Lament" Each one has a say.
    • "Young" The song for the retired one. Young means I'll never grow old."
    And the true stories are from people of all ages. Stories like:
    • "Mommy, do you want my thumb?"
    • "M" is for Mother"
    • "Why are you going out with my daughter? When was the last time you had your eyes examined?"
    • …..and many more
    A sleigh-ride of emotions, this is an opportunity to revisit some of life's challenges with humor and song. You will feel better, affirmed, and connected to one another after Cici's combined song and story, "Family: Fables and Foibles."

    Tel. 508-545-0236

    Do you have a special occasion coming up?
    Cici will write music
    just for you.


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