• cici hunt

    “I’m Just a Little Kid”

    Music by Cici Hunt
    Lyrics by Cici Hunt, Wes Caswell, and Hayley Hunt

    You hurt me when you hit me.
    I just don’t understand.
    Sometimes you say you love me
    With hugs and kisses,
    And then suddenly you’re angry.
    What was it that I did?
    I’m afraid. Please don’t hit me.
    I’m just a little kid.

    You hurt me when you hit me.
    I really want to cry.
    I hold my tears inside me,
    And then I wonder why.
    Don't you love me anymore?
    What was it that I did?
    I'm afraid. Please don't hit me.
    I'm just a little kid.

    I know I make you angry,
    But what do you expect?
    I'm just a little kid,
    And God&'s not finished with me yet.

    So, love me. Don't hit me.
    Tell me what you need.
    Talk to me, I'll listen.
    All I ask is,
    Please, can't we find another way?
    We'll be glad we did.
    Love me. Love me.
    I'm just your little kid.

    © 1991 Hunt and Caswell

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