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    About Wes Caswell

    Wes Caswell wore many hats – musician, husband, father, granddad, friend, sales representative Silver Burdett Ginn, tenor extra-ordinaire, the Golfing grandfather in Family, the Musical, and the clown in Godspell, and as “comedic commentator,” Father Sweeney. Different hats with one constant, his smile.

    And with his smile, Wes Caswell was the connector.

    “Baseball, boating, football, fishing and golf were particular pleasures of his but even more, Wes had a great love of music. He formed dance bands while at Lansingburgh High School. During his military service he played clarinet and alto saxophone and was chosen to lead a 13-piece band, The Pacific Vagabonds, to play for the troops and raise morale. When he returned to the States, he was the founder of The Laurentians, the premier St. Lawrence University dance band. After college he worked as a band boy with Fred Waring and the Pennsylvanians at their Shawnee-on-the Delaware headquarters. During his time in Amsterdam, NY, Wes was active in the Mohawk Valley Chorus and four of their members formed The Carpetbaggers, a busy barbershop quartet whose reunions continued until last year. During his retirement years, he met with genuine success as a lyricist and his musical collaborations are published and often performed The Schenectady Gazette, May 2006.

    Every K-8 teacher and administrator in New York State knew and trusted Wes Caswell especially the music teachers. His loyalty to his teachers was more important to Wes than the sale. If he didn't think his book was the best, he'd guide the teacher to the better product. Educators trusted him, they loved him. And he had such fun selling!!!!

    "He will forever be remembered for his quick wit, his effervescent love for people, and his enduring smile. ' The Schenectady Gazette, May 2006

    Young is my love.
    Young is my soul.
    It's the tears I can't control.
    Young is forever.
    I've put time on hold.
    Young means I'll never grow old.
    Young means I'll never grow old.

    - From the song "Young" lyrics by Wes Caswell, music by Cici Hunt

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